Q:How do we get started?
A:The first step is for you to contact us so we can arrange a meeting with you to discuss your ideas. In some cases, such as renovations, it is best to meet at the job location.

Q:When will we start incurring costs?
A:We do not charge for producing concepts and cost estimates. You will start to incur costs when you commission plans for submission to Council, or when a contract is signed for the design and construction of your job.

Q:What information do we need to provide?
A:It is helpful to provide us with a written brief of your ideas, including pictures of styles or features you particularly like or don't like. The more specific the brief is, the quicker the design process will be. The design process will also be quicker if you can provide us with site plans, drainage plans, a L.I.M. Report, and a copy of the Certificate of Title. In the case of renovations, existing floor plans and elevations etc. are very helpful.

Q:How much will it cost to build?
A:There are many factors that determine the cost of building. Some important ones to consider are:


* Type of section   Sloping sections are more expensive to build on than level sections.
* Style of house   Single level houses are the least expensive to build. Multiple floor levels and complex designs all contribute to increasing the cost of building.
* Building materials   The higher the quality of the building materials and fittings used, the greater the final cost will be.
* Hidden costs   Building covenants over the site and additional foundation costs due to poor sub soil conditions are common hidden costs.
* Utility costs   If your site is not yet fully serviced (power, phone, gas, water, sewage, stormwater), some energy suppliers charge considerable connection fees.