New Homes

Purchasing a section
We are able to advise you on the suitability of the land for the type of house you wish to build. We are able to arrange contour surveying, location of site services, and geotechnical reports if necessary.


Designing a home
Our registered architect will work closely with you to design a home that meets your needs, and in compliance with Council planning controls. Our designs aim for optimum space and light, using materials that are reliable in terms of maintenance and resale value.  You may visualise your proposed home with our 3D computerised designs in colour.  Once the design is finalised, we apply to Council for a resource consent application if required.


Building contract
We give you an accurate quote for the construction of your house.  Our quote is for the entire job, with no hidden extras, and the price is guaranteed not to go up, unless you make changes to the plans or specifications.


Owner's participation
We see the building process as a cooperative working relationship between designer, builder and client to achieve the desired result.  To this end we are happy to work with you, your selected suppliers and sub-contractors should you so choose.


We take responsibility for the Building Consent and all materials, sub-contractors and supervision. Regular inspections by Council inspectors ensures construction is in accordance with the Building Code.  We continue to offer you personal service throughout construction, and are willing to build to whichever stage you choose.


Final inspection
At the completion of construction we will ensure everything has been done satisfactorily.  Upon final completion the building inspector makes a final inspection and issues a 'code compliance certificate'.


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