"I was trying to find a designer for re-cladding my property. I found a few listings from Google, and made a few phone calls, most of them either charge too much or they will charge for the first consultation. Finally I have got Mr Douglas Kaill who offers a free consultation and his price is very reasonable.

After I have seen the drawing, it is exactly what I want.

I was also told by many friends that the Council is very slow for processing the Building Consent. But I actually got my consent in two weeks. I have learn't that it's not the Council's problem if your designer has sent very detailed and completed documents to Council. Mr Douglas Kaill knows exactly what he is doing, what kind of information that Council needs. This will save you a lot of time.

I certainly recommend Doug and his building company to anyone who wants new houses or renovations to their existing house. I am very happy to give a reference.My cell phone number is 021 238 7922"

Rebecca YU



"We have nothing but praise for Douglas Kaill of Design and Build. We hired him as a builder but found he could also improve our architects plans for a large complex extension and renovation of our house. Doug had no problem handling midstream changes, and the work went promptly forward with courteous tradesmen causing minimal disruption and producing top quality throughout.  He has superb carpenters who paid attention to every detail in our extensive rimu woodwork finishings.  His prices are competitive with the rest, but the quality of his workmanship stands out."
Dr.Ron and Carol Baker
General Practitioner



"After speaking to and getting quotes from several major building companies, none of whom could come close to the design and style we wanted and staying within our budget, we sadly decided to sell our section and forget about building.   Luckily, one of our friends introduced us to their builder -  Douglas Kaill of Design and Build.
Doug. sat down with us, and he designed our home the way we wanted, and kept it within our budget.  With Doug's patience, friendliness and his vast experience in the building industry, we are nothing but overwhelmed with the final outcome of our 'Dream Home'."
Harshad and Sandhya Raniga


"We strongly endorse the Design and Build Company led by Douglas Kaill. Over the last 14 years they have undertaken 3 large projects (including one involving a complete redesign and reconstruction of the kitchen, lounge, bathroom etc.) and a number of smaller projects in our homes. They have always worked closely with us at every stage from initial ideas through to the final finished outcomes. The standard of work is consistently high. Their service includes innovative design, construction and all necessary subcontracting. They are completely trustworthy in all respects."
Dr. John and Jenny Collins


"Over the past eight or so years which I have known Douglas Kaill, I have found his company "Design & Build" to be a totally trustworthy and professional operation. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a company. The standard of drawings produced by Doug are of high quality as well as attention to detail and high standards of workmanship leads to a good quality end product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Doug to anybody who is looking for a similar end result."
Rob Woodger
Building Certifier

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